Is it right so seek revenge? Is it right to hurt someone who hurt you?  It’s rather controversial and people will have their own opinions, that being said here’s why i think revenge is wrong.

First off revenge should not be muddled with justice, revenge is out of spite or anger and justice is punishment trying to teach the person that there are consequence for there actions. Justice just may seem to let people off more lightly then revenge.

If someone purposely sabotages you and then at a later date you sabotage them surely you are no better than them and all you have done is declared a sort of war ? And the fact. is that it doesn’t change anything, if any thing it just makes it worse.

However when people are angry they tend not to think things through rationally and may seek revenge and depending on the severity of whatever infuriated the person it may seem justified.

Life isn’t about getting even or being bitter it’s about accepting that there are immature people out their and trying to let go of what they did and wait for them to get hit by karma because karma will hit them like a bus.




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