It’s funny

There are many things in life which are funny, somethings however are not at all funny. Some things which will completely break people down.

It’s funny how someone can mean so much to you and yet you mean so little to them.

It’s funny how there isn’t gender equality, how in certain fields people (male or female) have to constantly explain why they are doing a job clearly not design for their gender.

It’s funny how you try so hard yet nobody notices until you stop trying.

It’s funny how easily people are fooled by a clearly fake smile.

It’s funny how people will criticise you until the point you nearly break and then  when you are broken they will act confused and further criticise you for being weak.

It’s funny how people tell you to be yourself and then put you down for doing exactly what they told you.

It’s funny how people well be offend if you aren’t there when they need you but yet they’re never there when you need them.

It’s funny how the phrase ” Everyone is beautiful in their own way” is said so much yet people seem to forget this when it come to peoples eye color, their skin color, their hair color or even scars.

It’s funny how much hate is in the world.

It’s funny how we can’t all stand together.

My mistake, it isn’t funny that their are people constantly feeling down about the way they look just because of peoples comments.

It isn’t funny how people have to face hate because of the color of their skin.

Welcome to society have fun, but not to much because we will judge you!




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  1. Deepika says:

    I loved it especially, the last line! Great post!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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