Be Yourself

Yesterday I was watching some random videos on you tube and I came across one by sprinkle of glitter. I’m not going to lie a while back I did subscribe to her however I lost interest in her videos, it wasn’t because they were bad or boring videos they just didn’t appeal to me.

Just a bit of background about sprinkle of glitter- The chanel is run by Louise, she has a daughter called Darcy and started the channel in 2009. She post’s things such as hauls, DIY’s and also does videos about and including her daughter. The Chanel is (well possibly was) child friendly and innocent.

But in sprinkle of glitters new video “finishing with sprinkle of glitter” she was saying how she felt pressured to fit in with the YouTube norms (the likes the subscribers and not disappointing those subscribers) and how she wants to be able to talk to people online like they are her friends.  She wants to be able to talk about things involving her parenting without beings judge and she wants to be able to talk about things that she thinks she’s good at. And in all honesty I think she was brave to put this in a video and to actually be more herself and talk about the things that make her happy. She really does deserve a pat on the back because most people would rather be less themselves in order to fit than be themselves and feel like they are risking making a fool of themselves. I do have a certain admiration for her.

it is said so much, yet enough in a way but life is to short to not do what you want to do and act how you want to act. You don’t have time to not be yourself. Beside of you don’t act like yourself it can be all to easy to lose yourself.

(Also sort of a bottom note I apologise if anyone’s seen the video and took a different message from it and also no offence is meant to anyone.


Peace. 🙂







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