Life hacks

So who doesn’t want to make there life a little easier and save time? Because  I honestly can’t think of anyone. I have twenty hacks, I know most of them because I’m a lazy person but proud of it. #Lazy And Proud

I thought a koala was fitting as a representation of laziness.. maybe a sloth would have been better but a koala will do.

  1. When you are watching a YouTube video you can press 1,2,3,etc.. and that will take you to 10,20,30,… percent of the the way through the video.
  2. When making pancakes put the mixture into a ketchup bottle because it save you from making a mess but also helps keep the pancakes round and not weird and splodgy!
  3. If there’s websites which have your personal data that you don’ t want to have that data any more you can use
  4. When planning to go abroad by plane the best time to book tickets is around 3pm six weeks before you want to fly out, this tends to be the cheapest time to book.
  5. If you lack wardrobe space you can use the tab off of a drink can to make double hangers,this just frees up wardrobe space.
  6. Have trouble sorting out bedding? Try folding your bedding and putting it inside the pillow case that way there’s not panic trying to find matching bedding.
  7. If you think some one is following you in a car take four rights, completing a circle, if they are still there they are probably following you or extremely lost.
  8. When travelling to prevent your tooth brush touching a counter which could have had literally anything on , you can use a clothes peg as a stand for the brush.
  9. Maybe this one isn’t a life hack but is is something everyone needs to know..Put cookie dough at the bottom of muffin to make a bowl.
  10. If you want to learn something new you can use which allows you to try loads of free courses from schools and collages around the world.
  11. Trying to find the end of tape can be a nightmare so sticking a paper clip on the end makes it a whole lot easier, promise it is worth it.
  12. This is one aimed mostly for October time however seeing as that’s my favourite time of year id use it anytime. If you peel an orange, (you can eat the orange but keep the peel.) chop an apple  up small , get some cinnamon and water, throw it in a pan and boil your house is guaranteed to smell divine. It is so much more simple than spraying air freshener and you don’t get that ‘argh no too much can’t breath’ thing you get with air freshener.
  13. To easily remove the leaf of a strawberry just put a straw through the bottom and out of the top.
  14. Stretching before going to bed can help relieve stress as well as make it easy to find a comfortable sleeping position.
  15. In the event of an emergency a wax crayon should burn for thirty minutes.
  16. If you have broken glass on the floor once you have swept up what you can use a torch to see if you have missed any bits.
  17. Printer ran out of black ink? No worries change the font to dark  blue and it will look almost the same!
  18. Want glow in the dark nails? Poor the contents of a glow stick into nail varnish.
  19. If you run out of AA batteries you can use AAA just fill the gap with tin foil.
  20. When playing hangman use words with little to know vowels. Words such as gypsy,rhythm and Sphinx.And no you never get too old for a good game of hang man.

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  1. I like the hacks and i’m definitely trying the ketchup pancake one :p I just wrote my fifth blog and you can check


  2. I am going to use the account killer hack! This post was very helpful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The account killer one very useful and I have used it a few times myself.


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