Dear Younger Me

Dear younger me.

I guess it is weird how we don’t really think about our future selves, i know i disn’t anyway but i should have, you should.

Don’t run away from your problems it doesn’t work and honestly it can ruin everything. Yes they will call you names, yes they may shove you but that is their problem not yours. It sucks majorly but you should think about what has made them act the way they are.

Getting angry won’t help. When things don’t go your way you can’t throw a tantrum, you cant punch a wall and honestly your life will be so much easier if you don’t you wont mess up any of your knuckles!

Do not buy useless crap! Save your money because you will regret it when your nearly thirty and still have to ask your mum for a lift to work.

Get out more! You probably complain about not having friends but hiding inside is not the way to go about things. And trust me it’s best you decided to try and be sociable as in the future you won’t have a choice but to try and be pleasant with people you aren’t particularly fond of.

But most of all don’t give up doing what you love just because your not the best. yes you may get beaten but in giving up you have no chance in winning.


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