Mini Cooper S Review

In a nut shell:

The new Mini Cooper is larger than the previous ones. It is nice looking but you do of course have to pay a fair bit for this. It has reasonable chassis and a good engine however the car has become less fun and has lightly more sophisticated. However it has 192bhp so it is by no means a boring car.

mini cooper s interior

The car:

The car, Despite looking like the old one, has a completely new body with nothing being taken from previous versions as well as the front being stretched out noticeably more and it being a tiny bit wider .It has a 2.0 l turbo engine.

Driving the car :

The old Cooper S  was known for being a ‘cheeky car’ and the new one doesn’t totally crush it’s reputation however the old one ‘misbehaved’ more. In sport mode the ride is bumpier and the steering takes more effort than it should. The car throws it’s self down the road.

In normal mode the cars ride is a lot smoother and provides more comfort.

Own the car:

Prices vary anywhere from £12,00 and £30,00 which is an incredible amount for a small car which is by no means perfect.

In my opinion:

The car is over priced and faces a lot of competition, in my opinion it is in competition with many new hatchbacks which are cheaper. The car is reasonably easy to handle and can do 0-60 in 6.2 seconds which is respectable. The best reason for owning this car is being able to say you own this car.


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