Things To Keep You Up At Night

I think we have all had those time when we are unable to sleep for some reason and my reason tends to be because my mind likes to think of the most rand om things so I’d like to share some of these things with you. Some of these i have seen when looking through things on the internet but they have all kept me awake at one point or another.Not hoping to inflict my misery on other people or anything….


  • If you were to head north and not stop you would eventually be heading south. However if you were to head west and not stop you would always be heading west.
  • The world may run out of chocolate.
  • About 100 people each year choke on pens and that’s not just children (how!?)
  • Around 360,000 babies are born every single day.
  • It is estimated that 90% of the worlds oceans are unexplored.
  • What made the very first thing ever? not on earth like the absolute first thing or has there always been something? But how would there always be something surely something had to make that and then something would be responsible for the creation of the thing which created the first thing so it wasn’t really the first thing.
  • Is the universe infinite or does it just end? does it have shape? if it ends what is there? is it black?
  • If you lay down and look up at the stars your really looking down into the never ending abyss. And if it wasn’t for gravity you’d float away.
  • Think about out of all burglaries 30% of them occur because a door or window was unlocked or open no thing about that from the perspective of a murderer the could burgle you then murder you. Are your doors locked and windows shut?
  • If there was a zombie Apocalypse what should i do?
  • If my life was like ….. ( insert movie title) would i actually do that or what i do something which actually made sense?
  • Why so people say half a dozen eggs? isn’t it easier to say six?
  • If i was born five hundred years ago would i have died by now? and by now i mean by the time i got to the age i am now. Not would i be over five hundred years old…

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