Life goes on.

There are some things which simply can not be predicted like a mass shooting, a fire or someone dying. But these things happen often yet they have the ability of making someones life crumble and fall apart at the seams.

People can rebuild themselves from nothing however odds are they will never be the same again. The spark of happiness in their eyes gone, the wishful future planning gone. They can just become a shell of the person they used to be. But life goes on with or without them.

A family are all asleep , they had been out and busy all day so they were all tired and nobody checked to make sue all of the candles were put out. It’s about he middle of the night and the families cat comes in through the cat flap and knock a candle over which would cause a huge amount of damage however the family don’t have a smoke alarm and no one realizes about the fire until it is to late. The only one to survive was a five year old who is covered in burns and will be bullied for the rest of their life based on how they look. Both of the child’s parents and older siblings died . Life goes on….

A family are at the air port waiting for their flight everything is normal before there’s a sudden explosion which ends up killing 32 people. The family included. But life goes on.

A girl decides to go to a party with her friend, Sure she was nervous as it is her first party but whats the harm right? She will stay with her friends. The warnings about people slipping things into your drink or stealing things did worry her but things like that don’t actually happen. Or so she thought. All she did was put her drink down for a few seconds and something was smuggled into it.She didn’t realize she was being dragged away until it was to late. The next day she wakes up in an alley her makeup smudged and her dress slightly torn. But life goes on.

It’s around three in the after noon and a guy,who had a few issues with his wife, was having a few pints at the pub gets a text from his wife saying we need to talk. He finish the drink he had then goes to get in his car after struggling to get his car started he drives home. Well he didn’t make it home. He Drove straight across a cross road hitting a bus full of school children. None of the children died some however were severely injured but life goes on.

The phrase life goes on is really insensitive and i personally get offended when i am in a situation where everything gone to hell and people say ‘life goes on’. Okay so it does go on and i get that and yes i don’t really want their sympathy but they could be a bit more mindful. It’s like saying ‘your having a rough time and everything is going to leave you behind because of this.’ I really do get that life can’t stop for one incident but people need time to rebuild themselves and adjust. All they can do is hope.

However life really does go on…



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