July Photo Challenge

I have seen a lot of photo challenges and I have also attempted quite a few but never actually get all of the photos. This time I will complete the list simply because it would be far too embarrassing too give up yet again.

Day 1 : A selfie.

Day 2: Phone case.

Day 3: Fire works.

Day 4: Street art.

Day 5: A drink.

Day 6: Pets

Day 7: Trees

Day 8: Footwear

Day 9: Nails

Day 10: A mirror selfie.

Day 11: Shelfie.

Day 12 : Throwback.

Day 13: Favourite book.

Day 15: Your breakfast or snack.

Day 16: Quote.

Day 17: Black and white.

Day 18: Sun set.

Day 19: Hair

Day 20: Selfie with a stranger.

Day 21: Lemonade.

Day 22: Eyes.

Day 23: In my fridge.

Day 24: I drew this.

Day 25: The sky.

Day 26: Through the window.

Day 27: Rocks or shells.

Day 28: Something your proud of.

Day 29: Sweets.

Day 30: Goals.

Day 31: A selfie.




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