Shoes Reviews- Adidas Superstar


Adidas Superstars seemed so popular at one point it was a surprise to see people not wearing them as much, a nice surprise though because i feel the shoes are awfully vanilla. That being said they are made to be long lasting and comfortable so its easy to understand why they were so popular.

How they look– The shoes themselves look very simple, generally having two colors or a pattern on the three stripes. The shoes look rather casual but are not really great for someone who wants to make a statement.

How comfortable are they– Once the shoes have been warn in they are comfortable as well as supportive. These are not great shoes for things such as running as they will become uncomfortable but for day to day walking they are perfect. A fair few people did complain the shoes are slightly to narrow but after wearing them for a while the shoe has that little extra give to it.

Problems– The front bit of the shoe can become scuffed and even get a gap from the other bit of the shoe as well as the width issue certain people seem to have.

Rough price–  These shoes can be anywhere from £30 to  £100  which may seem like a lot to some but remembering they are designed to be long lasting.

Over all views – I would rate these 3.5/5 i personally think they are too bland, rather expensive and easily scuff-able. On the flip side They are casual, long lasting  and perfect for daily affairs and ‘fitting in’. I wouldn’t necessarily say to people oh get these there great although they are defiantly worth trying out.



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