Summer Break Bucketlist

I personally feel that the summer break is too long to not do anything productive but at the same time i feel rather unproductive and not wanting to do much. So it is a lose- lose situation. Unless of course you have a bucket list.

The break, although long seems to go far to quickly so it is important to make the most of it and make memories. No matter what you’re doing having fun is important and a bucket list can help with that !

Tips for making a bucket list:

  • Make sure the list isn’t so long that it’s impossible to complete everything
  • Make sure you put what you want on the list don’t copy random ideas that you wouldn’t want to do because that could ruin your chances at completing the list
  • Make sure everything on the list is possible to complete. If it’s something like go back packing around Europe that may be more of a life time bucket list thing and not so possible for summer.

Bucket list ideas

  1.  All day movie/Series  marathon. ( On Netflix!)
  2. Go to a concert.
  3. Go to a festival.
  4. Take a road trip. This could be somewhere halfway across the country or possibly to the next nearest town.
  5. A day at the coast. Because who doesn’t like the beach ??
  6. Get a sun taboo. These can be great but look weird after a while and our a nightmare to get rid of.
  7. Make some summery jewelry.
  8. Have a water balloon fight .
  9. Go star gazing.
  10. Read at least 10 books.
  11. Paint war.
  12. Try yoga.
  13. Meet a celebrity.
  14. See a psychic.
  15. complete a wreck this journal .
  16. Go for a boat ride.
  17. Visit an aquarium.
  18. Have a technology free day .
  19. Stay awake for 24hrs.
  20. Sleep outside.
  21. Outdoor movie.
  22. Host a BBQ.
  23. Go surfing.
  24. Tie dye something .
  25. Take a picture a day.
  26. Write a book ( And then post it as a kindle ebook)
  27. Play manhunt in a dark woods or forest.
  28. Go ghost hunting.
  29. Watch a sunrise and a sunset.
  30. Go berry picking.
  31. Build a raft and trail it (only if safe to do so)
  32. Get a Henna tattoo.
  33. Go bowling.
  34. Visit a water park.
  35. Play doubles tennis.
  36. Go paintballing.
  37. Say yes to everything for a day.
  38. climb a tall tree (being careful!)
  39. visit a charity shop.
  40. Donate money to charity.
  41. Buy coffee for  a random person.
  42. Go trampolining.
  43. Buy a drink from the same place every day for a week
  44. Make lemonade.
  45. Have a day where you eat nothing but icecream. or some other food.
  46. Have/attend a pool party.
  47. Make a scrap book.
  48. Ride a horse.
  49. Watch a musical.
  50. Go shopping and visit every single shop.
  51. Ask random people a question such as do they prefer coke or pepsi.
  52. Play truth or dare.
  53. Build a bonfire.
  54. visit 10 cities you’ve never been to before.
  55. Create a playlist for your life.

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