Bomb shelter

So i recently watched a film on amazon prime ‘After The Dark’ which is an amazing film. Its about philosophy students final class where they discuss a hypothetical situation. Basically there’s a nuclear a bomb and the shelter can only get 10 people inside. The students are each given a card which has there job for example poet or doctor. They have to decide who should get in the shelter and who would die in the blast.They do it a second time and on the flip side of the card there something else for example one of them will die in three years.

So the situation is a nuclear blast, stuck in a bunker for a year and then needing to survive after the year.

But the idea got me thinking if there was a nuclear blast and i could only pick 9 people to save ( because i’d be the 10th) who would i pick?

Well i’d like to say i’d pick my family but with my siblings,mum, aunts and cousin there’s more than 10 people so id have to pick cautiously.On one hand my siblings are family but on the other perhaps they wouldn’t be that helpful for when we get out of the shelter and have to find our own food and other stuff. So i’d pick them because there helpful not because i’m sentimental. (although i’d probably pick them even if they wouldn’t be helpful)

I would also want to take someone who  is medically trained and knows how to clean and treat wounds because they could not just help people but also teach the others how to help people.

Once out of the shelter having someone who knows whats safe to eat and whats not would most defiantly come in handy as well as knowing how to find water. So i guess one of those extreme survivalists would be great.

A farmer so we could grow our own food. And they’d know how to nurture the crops.

Someone who is entertaining,perhaps a comedian or writer and perhaps knows how to speak a couple of languages because if there are other survivors there’s no guarantee that they will be able to speak English and communication will be very important.

A teacher could be useful so life can be somewhat normal and people can keep going with their lives rather than just surviving.

Someone who can fly a plane and drive. If there’s any planes that weren’t destroyed in the blast a pilot could help find other survivors.

my finalised list

  1. Me
  2. My brother
  3. My sister
  4. My brother
  5. My brother
  6. My mother
  7. A doctor
  8. A survival extremist
  9. A bilingual person
  10. A farmer

Being in the shelter for an entire year so you’d most likely suffer from server bordem, it wouldn’t be the most exciting thing.So I then started thinking what 5 things i’d take with me. Bearing in mind i’d probably never go back to my home an would lose around half of my family and my dog, I’d want take take my dog however it would be another mouth to feed.

My item list

  1. A photo album, to remember all the people i had lost.
  2. The hunger games book, i have read that book so many times and it’s one of my favourite books.
  3. A solar powered torch, the odds our we wouldn’t have electricity so when we get out of the bunker at least there’d be light.
  4. A deck of cards, there are so many card games and it would come in handy other wise things would just be drab in the shelter.
  5. A diary, it would probably be the best way to express yourself and it would probably be the only privacy you get whilst there

What would you take?




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