Things I Like

  1. Reading, Anything books, blogs magazines everything.
  2. Writing, I love writing it;s thee most effective way for me to express myself.
  3. Car journeys, I love sitting in a car for hours at a time even though it is a confined i feel so free.
  4. Listening to music, This sounds cliche but lyrics to certain songs really connect to me and music is so soothing whether i am angry, upset or over excited.
  5. Spending time with my family,  Family is really important and i think some people take their family for advantage and then the regret it when something unfortunate happens.
  6. Proving people wrong, Not in a spiteful way but if someone thinks i can’t do something i love being able to prove them wrong and do what they said i couldn’t.
  7. Pizza, It is my best friend...
  8.  Movie marathons, When a movie is really good you can get so absorbed into it you just blank out the rest of the world, all you cares and worries forgotten.
  9. Thunderstorms, There is just something about watching thunderstorms it’s thrilling.
  10. Coffee, I drink coffee everyday it is the best drink especially with syrups.
  11. Taking photos, When you take photos you can chose how other people see what you were looking at you can add filters, distort it and chose the angle.
  12. Star Gazing,   There is nothing better than being in the country side where there’s little light and you can see the stars perfectly and so clearly.
  13. Sunrise and Sunset, Sunrise and sunset are rather comforting because if nothing else you can count on the fact the sun will rise and set. A day will end and a new day will begin. It fills me with hope.
  14. Dolphins, They just seem like such beautiful and peaceful creatures. They are intelligent and i love the idea of living in the ocean and having the freedom that dolphins have.
  15. Blue, I love the color blue it is my favourite color. I have a blue bedroom, a blue iPod, blue phone background, blue glasses, blue high tops and numerous other things that are blue.
  16. Walks, They give me the perfect chance to clear my head or to think a decision through. When I’m not feeling right it just makes me feel better.
  17. Strawberries and cream,  The two flavors just mix so well and costa have an amazing strawberries and cream cooler.
  18. Smoothies,  I love having smoothies for breakfast they are so refreshing.
  19. Food, I’m a foodie… what can i say!
  20. Wearing baggy clothes,  There’s just something about wearing baggy clothes that’s appealing to me, it doesn’t take effort.
  21. Bonfires,  The smoky smell is just so great i love it.
  22. Autumn,  I like autumn because the leaves look so pretty and autumn fashion is the best as a whole.
  23. Stationary,  I have a rather large collection of stationary from rubbers to sharpeners from sharpies to crayons. It just sparks a certain joy.
  24. Reading  Inspirational quotes, There is just something about reading inspirational  quotes they are just so… inspirational…
  25. Candles, I just like watching candles burn it’s fascinating.
  26. Yoga, I like yoga because it is relaxing and when your stretching you can just feel the stress and tension vanish.
  27. The internet, Well i like the internet because it brings along so many possibilities.
  28. Shoes,  I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with shoes. They just complete the outfit your wearing. I personally worry more about what shoes i am wearing than clothes.
  29. Moisturiser, This is something i didn’t really appreciate until i broke my wrist and after i cut of my cast my arm was so flaky and horrible. 
  30. Glitter, Glitter is sparkly how can anyone not like it ?

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  1. littleaprilshower says:

    Omg you basically just summed up my life in 30 things :3

    Liked by 1 person

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