Why I write

I write because i have something to say. But i’m just a normal person i have fears insecurities and issues but I’m not shy or secretive it just what i have to say is on the tip of my tongue it just takes a lot to actually say it. Writing is just easier the paper doesn’t judge, it doesn’t comment, it just accepts ideas willingly.

I write because if i didn’t have any form of expression i would drown among my thoughts or at the very least be consumed by them

I write because I just get this feeling like its what i’m supposed to do the air just feels lighter, Everything seems brighter it’s like a storm cloud has passed and there’s just the smell of wet grass.

I write because I have something to share, advice or my mistakes and it could benefit other people.

I write because even when my words have left the air the written words still remain.

I write because it’s a distraction.

I write simply because I love it.




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