The 5th wave

I am not going to lie the 5th wave movie for me was a massive disappointing. The move was an adaptation of the Novel by Rick Yancey.

Plot summary – Cassie is a normal girl who has high school crushes and a younger brother. That is until a mysterious UFO comes to earth and an invasion begins, in waves. The first wave took out their power, the second wave an earthquake strong enough to shake the whole planet, the third wave was sickness, by the fourth wave the ‘others’ were among people.Cassie has to learn to survive and get to her brother with help from her love interest Evan and Ben.

Trailer impression– A sifi/ disaster/ action movie where aliens come to earth and take over. Cassie has to fight and seems rather vengeful because these aliens have taken over her home. There’s a lot of fights, guns fire it looks like an exciting war film.


  • Chloë Grace Moretz~ As Cassie
  • Nick Robinson~ As Ben
  • Alex Roe~ As Evan
  • Maika Monroe~ As Ringer
  • Liev Schreiber ~ As Vosch

My over all impression – I was personally not impressed with the movie and would rate it 2/5. The film was boring compared to the trailer, which is literally all of the movie highlights. The love triangle is drab and predictable. The best bit is, like in most movie characters always manage to find time to kiss even if they are trying to save someone ! It’s not like it could be life or death… I don’t recommend it although i do recomend the book which was slightly more in depth than the movie.



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