Who I Am And Why I’m Here?

So i realised that i hadn’t originally do one of these posts but then most people don’t. I’m not even sure why i am doing this post to be honest however i have nothing better to do on a Wednesday evening so i thought why not? Perhaps it wont be totally dreadful..

Okay so for the who am I :
I  am just an average person, not a normal person there is a difference! I adore writing, reading and complimenting other people. Which probably sounds weird but that’s why i’m not a normal person >.< I’d like to say i am a generally happy person although perhaps not always and i value honesty above all else (well most things.)

And now the why am i here:

I just need a voice, i get my posts so far haven’t exactly been the most personal but it can actually be quite nerve wrecking even though no one will probably read them it’s still like what if they judge me. And what other people think shouldn’t affect ( or effect?) me but it occasionally does more than i am willing to admit.

Just a random question because why not. What do you think is the weirdest sound word?

Have a grand day! (or evening)


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