Beach Bag Essentials

In the summer there are very few things that are better than the beach i my opinion. I usually forget to take something important with me or i don’t actually think about it until i am at the beach which is far to late for me to do anything about. But here i have my important beach essentials to help make the beach stress free.

Beach, Bag, Lost, Forgotten, Holiday

So the first most important thing is a beach bag. I would personally use a bag which is relatively cheap and easily replaceable because you never know what may happen. For me the bag has to be cute and big enough to fit everything into it.

Towels, Bath Towels, Bath

The next most important thing for me at least is a towel because you might decide to go in the sea, have a water fight or some kid could pour their drink on you so whatever it is, it’s good to be prepared.

Beach, Towel, Horizon, Sand

I would hate to have sand all over my legs so having something to sit on is my next essential. You can sit on a towel, blanket, fitted be sheet or of course you can take fold-able chairs.

Sun Cream, Summer, Beach, Protection

The suns UV rays are harsh to skin and its vital to keep your sin protected. My favorite sun cream at the beach is malibu SPF 15 lotion because i think it smells good and does a good job at protecting your skin.

Accessories, Beach, Blue, Feminine, Flip-Flops, Hat

Theres nothing worse than having sand in your shoes so i always take a different pair of shoes to wear whilst i am actually on the beach and another pair to walk around in. The sun hat is important not just because it creates a beachy look but also protects your face from the sun.

Sunglasses, Glasses, Fashion, Style

Imagine sitting on the beach, staring at the ocean its bright and sunn, simply beautiful. But after thirty seconds you start seeing purple dots and the brightness causes your eyes to ache. Wouldn’t that suck?

Bottle, Water, Plastic, Container, Drink

It is always important to keep hydrated especially when your in the sun because nothing ruins a day at the beach like passing out because you’re dehydrated.

Apple, Green, Fruit, Juicy, Nature

When i’m at the beach an i get a little hungry it can e so easy to just go and grab a burger or something but if you take snacks it can be easier to be healthier. As well as the fact it’s cheaper to take your snacks.

Smartphone, White, Cellphone, Mobile

I never go anywhere without my phone, the beach is no exception i even have a ‘phone safe’ so i can leave my phone without being to worried about it vanishing .

Headphones, Music, Blender

Listening to music while sunbathing is great but the headphones also block out the screaming kids and the awful  music someone is playing through a Bluetooth speaker.

Speaker, Music, Sound, Wireless

If the beach isn’t busy or nosy it can be nice to put your music on through a speaker because it is actually better for your hearing in the long term.

Book, Open, Pitched, Book Pages, Pages

I will always take something to the beach to read just because i love reading and reading on the beach is peaceful and relaxing. if i don’t take a book i’ll take a magazine.

When sand has stuck to your legs it can seem like a nightmare to rub it off but using talc just makes it easier to get it of so no sand is tracked back into anyone’s car.


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