Ramblings of Annoyance

So this is sort of a rant but not really i guess it’s more of a rambling… But a semi thought through rambling. And i do understand people have far worse situations but i just need to say it once you know? get it off my chest. So it’s a story, sorta..

Okay so the kids are all young, like younger than 10. Their amazing father has most definitely failed to get father of the year award. So he and the kids mum split up a few years back and it wasn’t a messy split but after being together for as long as they had it wasn’t really a clean break. The kids father had been decent enough at first but then he gradually started seeing them once a week for less time. There had also been an attempted suicide which was a cry for help, but at the same time it was selfish and would have devastated the kids. He moved house without saying anything to begin with but the address was given and the little ones stayed at his house two at a time (on a Friday and Saturday night) because he couldn’t look after all of them at once or he wanted to spend quality time with them, not sure which. He Then said he could only have the kids once a fortnight because he didn’t have the money and he wanted spare time, which is fair enough i guess. But he had several holiday abroad, enough money to buy alcohol ( a lot may i add) as well as a second car. And eventually it the time thee little ones was a lot less. The kids mother was tired of chasing the father to see his children and getting insulted for trying so she thought she’d wait and see if he said anything, he didn’t. So after around two months the mother went to CSA to make sure the money wasn’t going to vanish like the kids father had seemed to several times.She then asked him if he wanted to have the children and the made plans. All seemed good until the mother got a text saying She was a greedy cow and she could keep the kids. Implying he didn’t want to see the kids but she was going to ‘keep the kids’ as its frowned upon to leave kids stranded somewhere. We are yet to see if any contact is made. But this has left and angry upset children who are confused and feeling rejected.

So people just need to think about the effect their actions could have because both parents are important to a child. And yes there are some times where it’s not possible for both parents to be involved or one parent stops the other parent seeing the kid but at the end of the day the impact is on the children.


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  1. Natalie says:

    Often, parents splitting is tough on the kids. If the parent doesn’t want to see the kids, that makes it even worse. I wonder if it is better for the kids not to see an uninterested father, or if it hurts them more to spend time with someone uninterested and experience that pain firsthand?


    1. I think the kids would get over the pain of not seeing an uninterested father but knowing he’s not interested would perhaps be worse in the long run… I hadn’t thought of it like that .


      1. Natalie says:

        It’s a tough situation either way, honestly. :/


  2. Yeah.. it really is


  3. Shannon says:

    I totally agree with you. It’s tough parenting after a split, but if you keep your kid’s needs and feelings in front of your own, it can work.


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