Summer Nails

There’s nothing better than drinking an cool can of coke or enjoying an iced coffee and posting a snap chat on a summers day but then thing is if its in your hand would you want drab nails? Of course not! You want to show off your nails as well as whatever you’re drinking. Remember to always apply a base coat to protect your nails but i also find it makes painting them easier. also add a top coat to help your design last longer and prevent chipping.
That being said …Here’s my top five summer nail designs!

When i say traditional i mean one block color and i know what your think that’s what everyone does and true however these are the colors that i find the most appropriate in the summer.
Yellow, what says summer more than hot sunny days.
Blue, representing days at he beach, or by a pool but regardless of which rather summery
pink,orange and purples, like flowers they are very summery and give off a bright summery vibe.

Watermelon nails
what you’ll need- a red/ pink nail vanish, a green nail varnish. white nail varnish ,black nail varnish and a nail art brush.
These are super cute, super summer-ish and not extremely difficulty. All you need to do is do a thin line of green round the side and bottom of the nail. then next to the green line, paint an even smaller white line. paint the rest of the nail with a watermelon red. Finally the seeds, you can either randomly place the black dots or place them at the bottom just above the white line.

what you’ll need- At least three nail varnish, in different colors and a nail art brush.
( I personally white for the bottom coat and pink and blue for the sprinkles because it looks like cupcake toppings.)
Sprinkles are just adorable and so simple. The first thing to do is paint your nails in one color,doing as many coats as needed, when doing this i painted all of my nails pink. Then put this nail varnish away. Next dip the end of the nail a brush in any colored nail varnish at random do with a many colors as you please. super cool and fairly obvious!

Picnic blanket
What you’ll need- Red and white nail varnishes.
Everyone loves picnics and what better way to show it then to paint you nails with picnic blankets! Other than having a picnic i can’t think of any other ways.
for this its as simple as painting your nails white and then using the red and painting a x’s & o’s grid applying more layers to one or two of the lines to make it look more realistic and fabulous.

What you’ll need- Nail varnish in citrus colors. ( Yellow for lemon, green for lime, red for grapefruit and orange for well… orange.)
Lemon and lime are just adorable and its rather simple to do, i do rather adore simple things that look great.
Its optional to pain your nails before adding the fruit or you can simply just have the fruit. If you do pick a color its best to pick something basic to make the fruit pop more.
At the end of the nail paint a semi circle. Using a white paint brush create a white curved line (a bit bellow) following the curved line of the semi circle. Paint four straight lines from the white line and have them meet at a centred point. And its all done… Yay!

Keep cool and enjoy summer.


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