Summer Hacks

Summer seems to come and go to quickly, which is a shame because most people enjoy this time of year but the thing is it can be too hot. Here, i have my top  summer hacks to help make your summer cool and carefree.

1. Canned drink ring pull, Many people know this one and was was shocked when i heard about it. all you have to do is twist the ring pull round and pop a straw in and it makes it less award with the straw floating. The only issue i had with this one was accidentally pulling of the ring pull. Is that issue just mine??

2. Aloe vera ice cubes, No these are not to drink although they are incredibly helpful. Sunburn is never fun, in fact its my least favorite part of summer and i tend to be rather whiny when i have sunburn because it hurts! But if you put aloe vera in an ice cube tray, freeze it and rub it on the burnt areas it cools and soothes sunburn.

3. Freeze lemon, orange and lime, Ice cubes are great but i tend to find, especially towards the end of my drink its rather watery and not as nice as it was at the beginning of me drinking it . But if you have frozen lemon, orange and lime you can not only get the added flavor but avoid the extra water. neat huh!

4. Valuable item hider, People like to go to the beach but constantly worrying about your stuff is not cool and can easily ruin your day but luckily there’s a hack for that! A wide sun cream bottle, with a removable cap is ideal but anything that has a removable lid so you can get items in and out is great! All you have to do is remove the top put your stuff inside ( phone, keys, money) put the lid on and no one will suspect a thing!

5.The beach bed sheet, This one is quite well known but when i had suggested the idea to my grand parents they looked at me as though i had grown a seconds head.The idea is you take a fitted bed sheet to the beach a sheet that is bigger enough for people to sit on. You have the curved bits up and place item their this protects items and people from pesky sand, although its not very helpful when people that are covered in sand sit on it!

6.Talcum sand remover, Sand can get everywhere, and its just a nightmare getting sand off because i find its rather scratchy. But all you need to do is apply talc and rub it off!

7. Coat hanging glasses, there’s nothing nicer than having some cool sunnie’s, especially having multiple pairs to coordinate with different outfit but keeping them stored safely can be a nightmare! But not any more! Use a metal coat hanger and attach it to a simple coat peg just don’t make the mistake of putting it behind a door where the door could hit the hanger because that could end badly…

8. Oreo sprinkler, I haven’t met any one who doesn’t love Oreo’s. I for one love them! I drink them dipped in tea, coffee hot chocolate, with ice cream and on their own. But this nifty little hack is like the perfect thing that everyone who eats ice cream should have! All you need is Oreo’s and a pepper shaker. Crush up the Oreo’s and the you can use it similarly to pepper but its a desert version. Could also make for a pretty cool prank at a dinner party…

9. Keep ice cream soft, We’ve all done it , not taken out the ice cream early enough and not had the patients to wait for it to soften so we attack it with a spoon and end up bending the spoon, but don’t all you have to do is put ice cream in a zip lock bag and it remains soft! i’m actually not sure how or why it works and i was skeptical to try it at first because it sounds like a load of rubbish but bizarrely it worked!

So perhaps not all of them are ‘hacks’ but the are all incredibly useful! So keep calm and enjoy summer.


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  1. These are some great tips for summer! Ill be sure to use some of them when summer comes around again! keep up the good work 🙂


  2. TheLivingMe says:

    These were some interesting hacks I’ve never heard of before! Thank you! Also, is there a like button for the posts cause I can’t seem to find one ;D


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